Native Icons

Icon Design, Illustration

You got your shiny new gadget, or you're about to get one: Native Instruments engineered their hardware to be a physical extension of their software. But how can you use it, what to connect, and where? I developed an icon system that shows the most common audio equipment and the structure to help users get around.


The Grid

I started with an 80 pt grid with 16 steps. But it quickly turned out there's not enough space to design the products recognizably. By multiplying the core grid three times and only allowing myself to use the Snap to Grid feature, I started to illustrate with a 5pt line width. 


Icons in use

The fresh look of the icons inspired a campaign pitch, which borrows song lyrics as headlines for the release of the entry-level product line targeting aspiring and young music makers. The illustrations appear online at the product pages, printed in the documentation and in Native Acces, the desktop app for licensing, downloading, and upgrading firmware and hardware.


@ 2019 Richard Horvath. All rights reserved   Legal Information

Copyright @ 2019 Richard Horvath,
All rights reserved.

Copyright @ 2019 Richard Horvath, All rights reserved.

Copyright @ 2019 Richard Horvath, All rights reserved.