Native Instruments, a leading music-tech brand, the first choice of pro musicians. My self-initiated project successfully solved little annoying problems that Marketing, Documentation, and Support teams face with each hardware product release.

UX/UI Design, Research


Native Instruments, a leading music-tech brand, the first choice of pro musicians. Within the company, various teams use different setup illustrations and there's no consistent visual through the customer acquisition flow. This confuses users and chanels back as Support requests.

How can we provide users dry technical information
in a straigh-forward way?


The solution

An icon set that offers a consistent look across Marketing, Product, and Documentation teams.

My Role

I started with research, to find the most common user complains regarding hardware connectivity. With these insights I created a concept and presented it to the Head of Art.
After the project got greenlights, I aligned with all stakeholders and compiled their preferences for a universal icon set. Through this two week journey, I gathered feedback from test users, Marketing, Documentation, Product, Support, and finished the icon library.



Extracting technical information form a specification sheet is a slow process, further constrained by language. Icons in contrast are globally understood graphical representations. I started by reducing a top view of a hardware into the smallest recognizable illustration. I did this through a grid system to make sure line weight and button sizes stay consistent.

For a usable setup guideline, I designed third party hardware and connection types. To quickly differentiate between the products I styled Native icons to fil, and third-party ones to outline.

Native hardware


Third party hardware



The fresh look of the icons inspired me to create a campaign. I use song lyrics for headlines to promote an entry-level product line targeting aspiring and young music makers.


Learnings & outcomes

Regardless language and technical expertise, the setup guides helps customers understand technical details simply. The icon library became an essential element of  specification pages, user manuals, and helps the support team in their work.

It was hard to keep the focus on user centered design with four different teams involved in the process. And I learned that expressing concerns the earlier the better.


Product Designer in Berlin, DE

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Richard Horvath @ All rights reserved 2021

Richard Horvath @ All rights reserved 2021