10 Years of Maschine

Motion Design, Editing

Ten years passed since Native Instruments stepped into the game of pad-based rhythm composers in 2009. Since then, Maschine became one of the flagships and at the same time, the mightiest tool for beatmakers & producers. For this occasion, we planned a campaign celebrating the creator community. We invited fifteen creators for a week from all over the globe to the Berlin Headquarter, released a limited edition 'Flame Orange' Maschine series. Also, we created photo and video content from the makers of the product to the end-user.


The first video featured 9th Wonder, the sound behind Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak, and G-Easy. STADIUM, production and creative studio from Los Angeles, filmed the artist. My task was to design a layout and add motion elements to the video in the style of the campaign.

Web & Social Media

One thing was clear: to fit all this content into a single still image was not an option, an image slideshow neither. Given the technical limitations, we decided to proceed with a video loop as the homepage and landing page hero. 
The team created a hashtag, #MAS10YRS, and I designed short video loops to help direct the traffic to NI's blog, where all the articles, listicles, and interviews can be found.

Logo Animation

Later on the design process, I felt there should be a sign, an outro that connects every video material. This idea led to the design of an animated logo, which will be implemented on the following update of the actual unit.

Conceptual designer: Iva Galevsa
Senior Graphic Designer: Kristina Fritsche
Marketing Manager: Alfredo Meija
Production: STADIUM
Motion Design: Richard Horvath

Richard Horvath

Product Designer in Berlin, DE

@ 2021 Richard Horvath, All rights reserved

Richard Horvath @ All rights reserved 2021

Richard Horvath @ All rights reserved 2021