Part 1 - Event length

One design pattern that I feel could be improved is the event calendar with autocomplete and it comes from a place you'd expect it the least, Google.

When you click on a time-slot, the system automatically creates an hour long event. To change that, users need to manually select an option on the event modal from the drop down list. I'm pretty sure that UX fellas at Google researched and tested this smart default, but that’s not the case in my or my team's practice.

Mobile view of Google Calendar with a one hour smart default event length.

Currently, there's possibility to change the length, but I experienced issues with the sensitivity and accuracy of the interactive area (green dots in the top left and bottom right). My touch inputs often get confused with panning on the timeline.

The feature would be helpful on the desktop view, where I find no issues at all with the size of the corner handles and could speed up my meeting schedulings.

Desktop calendar view without the interactive corner handles as seen on mobile.

I imagine a solution where a tap action would only set the begin time and an additional slider pattern with 15 min. increments could grant access to set the duration on the event detail modal. To allow fine-tuning or extending the duration beyond smart defaults of the slider I'd also add an input field below.

Part 2 - Timezone selection

Especially now during a global pandemic, working in sync with across continents, teams, and individuals in different timezones is crucial for obvious reasons (wasted time is money badly spent). In Google Calendar, the time belt selection is counterintuitive.

Either you internalize differences of +/- hours, or at least you know the name of the settlement, or the name of the zone where your teammates reside. Searching for common abbreviations like CET, PT, ET or for a city is entirely unsupported.

Instead, users face an alphabetically ordered list, based on city names, although the search functionality only covers the Merriam-Webster form of the timezone.

Unsupported search results for most common timezone terms and city names.

I find the solution obvious: add search results support of cities and timezone acronyms.

Thanks for reading my first world problems!